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About Phytomer Skin Care

French Beauty House

PHYTOMER is the story of 3 generations of one passionate family motivated by the same dream: to transform the sea into treatments for the skin, developing products and treatments from it with remarkable effectiveness to reveal the natural beauty of women.

An Exceptional Environment – Passion for the sea

Since its creation in Saint-Malo, PHYTOMER has remained deeply attached to Brittany and its exceptional biodiversity. It is the European region with the greatest abundance of marine life with its 2,700 km of coastline.

Even today we live as close as possible to the sea and its fascinating resources: our headquarters are located in Saint-Malo and our laboratories in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

The sea is both our main source of inspiration and the partner of our growth. We are committed to cultivating the purest and most powerful elements it contains to reveal beautiful and healthy skin.

“The sea works in total affinity with our cells: it contains everything that is essential to the beauty and health of our skin.”  Jean Gédouin, Founder of PHYTOMER.

Natural Beauty for All – From the Sea to the City.

We believe that nothing needs to be added to a woman’s beauty. It simply needs to be renewed thanks to the fascinating power of the sea.

We want to offer the incredible benefits of the sea to the greatest number of women, everywhere, from the sea to the city. To revive authentic beauty, natural and alive.

First of all, thanks to our founding ingredient: OLIGOMER®. This remarkable patented ingredient contains the precious compounds of seawater. Incorporated into each PHYTOMER product, it transmits to the skin its incredible remineralizing and revitalizing capacity.

All our products and treatments are designed to reveal your natural beauty.

High quality made in France – authentic know-how

PHYTOMER is one of the last independent family-owned businesses in the sector.

We produce our own marine ingredients in-house, in our laboratories; from which we manufacture exclusive products that are distributed throughout the world. Every PHYTOMER product is the result of the scientific discoveries of our researchers. We also carry out the meticulous work of gathering together raw materials to create targeted formulas that offer proven results coupled with real pleasure of use.

No detail is left to chance. From the discovery of the active ingredient to the manufacturing of the finished product, we impose strict controls at each stage to ensure the impeccable quality and optimal traceability of our products.

At PHYTOMER Spa & Wellness we create signature treatment protocols practiced by the most elite therapists in the world.

Pioneer in marine biotechnology – cutting edge laboratory

PHYTOMER has always made research its main driver. We are an SME pioneer in marine biotechnology.

Our team of researchers is the first in the world to cultivate the sea within the constructs of a laboratory in order to amplify its power on the skin. Through high-tech methods that respect the environment, we produce natural ingredients that are totally unprecedented.

PHYTOMER gives life to the purest and highest performing marine ingredients. This scientific achievement is a guarantee of an exceptional level of effectiveness and sensoriality.

« We have made PHYTOMER one of the most advanced skin care brands in the world, but our family has always remained faithful to my grandfather’s vision. He wanted PHYTOMER products and treatments to offer the same feeling of well-being as bathing and as invigorating as a sea breeze, to give the skin incomparable radiance.» Mathilde Gédouin-Lagarde, Marketing Director and granddaughter of the founder.

Phytomer Facials offered at CAVE

01 Local roots

80% of our active ingredients come from Brittany. We work closely with a network of local partners: growers, startups, researchers, etc. We chose Brittany because it is a region of exceptional biodiversity. It includes 2,700 km of coastline made up of extremely varied geographical layouts and climates. It is the area of Europe that groups together the greatest concentration of marine biodiversity. Of the 5,000 macro-algae species listed in the world, 800 come from Brittany.

02 Rational harvesting

We work closely with local producers to ensure a sustainable and responsible harvest. The algae is harvested in accordance with the sites, the seasons and the reproduction season in order to better conserve natural resources.

03 Sustainable cultivation

We cultivate the rarest or most fragile algae in the open sea (rope culture) or in the laboratory (photo-bioreactors).

Through this sustainable cultivation program, we are protecting biodiversity and participating in the reintroduction of endangered species.

04 Biotechnology programs

PHYTOMER is one of the only cosmetic companies in the world that has mastered marine biotechnology, namely the cultivation of marine microorganisms to produce new, totally unprecedented and 100% natural active ingredients. This highly specialized methodology, derived from the pharmaceutical world, makes it possible to avoid collecting from the sea while taking advantage of the immense potential of marine resources.

05 Controlling the environmental impact

At each stage, we favor methods whose environmental impact is limited:

  • Eco-responsible extraction
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Depollution of production water
  • Intelligent recycling

06 Quality certifications

With regard to algae harvesting, PHYTOMER endeavors to follow a precise charter in order to preserve and develop natural marine resources. We rigorously choose the place of harvest within NATURA 2000 classified areas (uncontaminated waters and regularly checked)

PHYTOMER is one of the first cosmetic companies to be certified for its good manufacturing practices since 2012. Very strict controls are imposed at each stage of production to ensure the impeccable quality and traceability of our products. Thanks to the marine ingredients from our own research, unique formulas and an integrated production site, we control the entire manufacturing process, in complete autonomy, from the raw materials to the finished products.

In 2018 PHYTOMER obtained ECOVADIS GOLD Certification, a testament to its excellent commitment to CSR (corporate social responsibility) in areas such as the environment, labor practices and human rights, business ethics and responsible purchasing. The GOLD status places PHYTOMER among the top 5% of companies rated by ECOVADIS.


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